Painting with crayons. Surface pattern design.

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This last week I have designing new patterns using my computer. But I decided to have a break for some hours as I thought it would be nice to relax a little painting by hand.

I remembered a funny crayon technique I used when I was a child, therefore; I thought if I would be able to paint with crayons again. 

I think I haven´t used them for more than 25 years, the last time I think it was when I did an illustration course.

I have a great memory of crayons paintings as I surprisingly won a first prize at a painting contest at a summer camp, when I was ten. 

I couldn´t believe that a floral and bold painting which flowers were outlined in black, was to be the winner! That was so encouraging to me, as I really thought I didn´t have any possibility to win with such a painting.


So, last Wednesday I bought a 30 crayons paintings box, a cheap one in order to give a try. 

These last weeks I have been a little stressed, so I didn´t have the patience to draw slowing and careful. 
On the contrary, I was fast, and even feel disoriented about I was going to draw. Nevertheless, I chose to floral motives and starting drawing directly on the paper, drawing lines and seeing what it was going on.

It was a mess, my table full was of stains, my hands dirty, but I really enjoyed the proccess.

I know the drawings could have been made with more accuracy, drawing the lines much better, but at the same time I think that perhaps its charm resides on this childish and loosing hand look.


The good about these drawings it is once they are reduced and a little manipulated with photoshop, they improve a lot. 
Therefore, I thought these designs would look better on small products as iphone cases! 

I hope people like them and sell some of them! 

Oh, I forgot to say, today is Black Friday, you can get any of  cases collection at 20% off! 



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  1. What a great idea! (By the way, I won a sand painting competition - on the beach - when I was ten!) :)

    1. Judy, lots of thanks for your nice comment! Oh then you will have to try to make another sand painting!

  2. Fantastic to try new or old techniques apart from computers.we are so attached to them nowadays. Your post inspires me a lot and I hope to have the courage and time to try myself something like that. Good luck with the sales, they look espectacular!!

    1. Gukuuki, lots of thanks! yes, it is great to experiment other artistic techniques..There are so many to try! I hope you make great hand designs, sure you will!

  3. Awesome! Thanks for being an awesome artist Julia :) We have Cyber Monday deal site-wide now, come check out! -Jieun from Casetify