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              Hello! I am gald you visit me! lots of thanks

Today I have been very thoughtful, coming to my mind lots of several ideas, memories, doubts, .. As the end of the year is so close, It seems that it makes me to reflect about my life and my aims.

I don´t like that brainstorming state I felt as I have also felt like nostalgic about past and happy times. 

I think lots of people at Christmas feel like that. But the truth is that I have loved this holiday time since I was a child, in spite of my mother never liked or wanted to celebrate them. 

Christmas is a great and magical  time children, so I love to see my twins glad and happy . 

Next Monday they will be off school till 7th January, and I am going to try to work less and enjoy being by their side. 
I have also decided to have a short and well deseved holidays and spend some days in a beautiful snowing place!

I am used to write lots of to do lists as they are very helful for me. Today I have written a list full of wishes for the next year. I wondered while I was writing them, if in some way feeling so conscious and aware about each wish, I will be able to attract them to my life easier. I hope so! I am sure you will have lots of wishes in common with me, won´t you?

I hope lots of your dreams come true!NEVER stop dreaming!



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