My new patterrns at kessinhouse. Surface design.


Hello! So glad you visit me! Thanks a lot!

I started to license some of my patterns to Kessinhouse about eighteen months  ago. Today I am really glad to see new 13 patterns up on kess web, as they were approved some weeks ago. I feel satisfied they are up before the year ends.

Some of them are colorways of the designs I think are more commertial. They will be sold at Amazon too.  I have licensed with them 45 patterns since then, and this week I sent them three Christmas patterns.

It is great to see so many mock ups made with your designs. The mock up I like most is the sheer curtains one as as it is easy to see how your design will look in a smart living room.In fact, I had a look to all my designs in order to see which ones look much better on it

I am showing you some of the mock ups shown on the web. Some of my new design are childish as “My colourful fishes”, other floral ones like my “small flowers” or geometric ones like “Soft Deco”. 

As the following quote says “A picture speaks a thousand words”, I am showing some of the images, hoping you like them!

You can see or buy them from here,

 I hope you have a great weekend! 

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