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Some weeks ago I wote a post about my first mandada designed by hand, which you can read it here, 

The truth is that it was not my first mandala; as I have always designed this kind of circular drawings. 

Really I have doubts if I am using the term “mandala” in  a properly way, as a mandala is  a spiritual and ritual symbol in Hinduism and Buddhism.  
The thing is that nowadays the word mandala has become a generic term for any round  geometric pattern. 

Lately I have tried to use different artistic techniques, styles or effects, as I like experimenting and to feel I am not stuck to an unique style. That speaks about my way of being, as I can´t stand routine. 

Some days ago I wonder if I could design a geometric mandala but this time using the computer, making a vector one. It was easier than I though as after designing a vertical thin drawing,  which it is like a arm, and moving its center point I, duplicating and rotating it, it is so nice to see how it becomes in a nice round completed drawing.  

Later, seeing its resulting shape I  transformed, added or delete shapes in order it wolud look much better.

I chose the one I liked most to use it as a iphone case design and surprisingly when I promoted it I received much more likes than others of my designs, perphaps due that mandalas are still trending. 

I also made a green colour vertion using gradients colors, which I am not used to use, as my patterns are mainly inn plain colours. 

I know my drawings look very simple comparing to the great and complex mandalas you can see at google search, but I am sure practicing and having fun I am going to be able to develop better ones.

I am showing some of my casetify iphone cases here, which are sold here,  http://www.casetify.com/juliagrifol/collection?page=9

I also used this mandala design as a main motive to create a simple pattern with a repeat thinking to aply it printing on home products, therefore  I used a soft cream colour as a background.

I wish you lots of inspiration and motivation to create drawings you have not done before!

I hope you have a great weekend. 


I hope you have a great weekend. 

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  1. Julia, this is awesome art! You are very talented and creative!
    Love your designs and this geometric mandala has captivated me :)
    Keep doing xxx

    1. Gloria, much appreciated! sure if you design them, they will be great! thanks a lot!

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  3. Carlyn, lots of thanks! glad you like it!