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 Hello; thanks for visiting my creative space!

I  worked hard trying to license more of my patterns last year. 

Selling on the web is not an easy work,as apart from designing, submitting, learning new artistic techniques, getting information about trends, and contacting with brands, I usually promote my work devoting lots of hours a week.

Designing what I like is great, but I am always doubting if customers will like it or not, if it will be commercial.
 That it is why promoting it is very helpful ,not only for selling, but also to show to me if people like my designs depending on their comments, saves and likes.

I was curious, so I have had a look to my last sales reports in order to see which of my designs were more commercial. In some ways this can help me to design new patterns based on similar styles.

This is the worst part of licensing your work, you don´t know if you work is going to sell well or not.

 Sometimes it takes weeks till you see your artwork is up on the web company, weeks till you see they are selling through Amazon or other shopping webs... Time helps to improve your sales. 

Of course; it is very important a good design in order to sell a product, but there are lots of other factors as the kind of product, quality, price, marketing and commercial distribution business among others.

As you know, I sell my patterns at spoonflower, and my best sold pattern keep being my Bookbooks owls. This pattern took me days to develop due to its difficult repeat. I think American people like owls, as it is a popular motive.

My“white flowers” is a pattern which it looks elegant, and simple for home products, therefore it is nice on kessinhouse duvets.

The same it happens to my “tropical leaves” which it is my best sold design on cutting boards. 

My geometric brown pattern “ deco” it works well on panels and rugs, perhaps due to its dark colors and that it is easy to match.


“My pink on black”, is one of the better sold as desk mats.

According to iphone cases designs, my brown floral design is selling much more than the others ones.

Although I enjoy designing bold and childish patterns, I am going to design more simple and soft color patterns to license for home products.

Our challengue as designers is designing what we like, true to our styles but trying to be comercial, to hit at the customers´s taste. A huge challenge. 

Now, I am going to have a look to my less sold patterns, although I wonder if in this case they mean that they are worse patterns. I will never know…

Have a great weekend! 

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  1. I wish you success with your designs and patterns.
    Keep doing the good job!