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                                        Hello, so glad you visit me!Thanks so much!

Yesterday afternoon, while I starting to write this post, I always publish it on fridays, I had a bad headache due to some tooth troubles. So; I had to rest and take some pills. I was so tired after also this hard working week, that I got slept for a couple of hours! 

I am sorry, but I had to postponed this post till today as I think I had to be off the screen. I feel new now!

Some days ago, someone from a company asked me if I had any love designs for Saint Valentin´s day, and I was surprised to see I didn´t have new designs about this theme on my portfolio.
I know it is a too commertial day, made for consumerist, but the truth is I am used to give gifts that day and I am delighted to receive mine too, as I love any kind of celebration. 
I love to know that my husband is not going to forget that date! It is a good excuse to enjoy of a romantic and special dinner with him without our children!

I have made some new designs to be sold mainly on iphone cases for that occasion. Surely, some of the motives will be taken for making patterns.
I admit they are a little cheesy, but I am glad as and I have promoted them and had a good number of likes which it is a good signal. 

I hope they sell well! 

Lately, I have come back to draw by hand using a black marker, and I am surprised that those kind of designs are more valuable or liked than some of my vector ones. 
I had great fun drawing a mandala in heart shape and colouring it at photoshop. This time I didn´t vectorise it, as it had lots of tiny and wavy lines.

I also made a snake pattern, which it is a vector one, in pink tones!

I have decided to create more hand designs and patterns these next weeks, as it is very relaxing and pleasant for me now
I think that way I will have a more versatile portfolio. 


I hope you feel inspired and create lots of great designs! See you soon!

Have a great weekend!                                                        

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