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         Hello! so glad you visit me!Thanks!

I am back after having spent a wonderful Christmas time with my family!. 

In Spain children received their gifts on 6th January, and my twins were off school from 21 December till 7th January! Great to enjoy of them, but between you and me happy to come back to my routine again!Too long holidays!

I have recharged my energy, as I was tired and I have started this new year like most of people, making goals, writing to do lists and dreaming with a better year!

I didn´t feel in calm yesterday due to some family issues , so this morning I thought the best for me it was to draw by hand again for some hours. 

I spend too many hours a day on my computer screen, so it is very pleasant  for me to be off for a while. I love drawing in ink, it is the best time for me! But this time I only used crayons.

I took my crayon paintings box, and I made a messy print again! At first it looked so bad, that it seemed that the best thing to do it was not to keep on it, not to waste any more of my time on something that it looked spoilt.

But I felt I needed to see the ending result, and I didn´t want to feel I failed on my try. 
I had the hope I could improve it and hide its mistakes. It happened the same with other paintings in same style, so I was confident on it.

I only knew I wanted to draw a tree. This time my tree is not so good as I expected it could have been as I drew it and improved its colours  at photoshop in only about 90 minutes or so. 

The funny about this painting is just that, that I drew fast lines directly, not being careful or slow . Of course if I had had the needed patience it would have looked more defined and better elaborated, although I wonder if it would look so naïve and childish as this one.

I have decided to make a similar painting but a big one, but devoting lots of my time, making it some hours every day… I have spent lots of months drawing vector patterns, so it is great to experiment other artistic techniques like water colours, or photography!

         I have developed five designs with this same style on iphone cases!

I have loved drawing trees since I was a girl, so I am sure I am going to draw other better ones! 

In fact I wrote about that passion in a last blog post, showing other ink tree illustrations.

I hope you create lots of great artwork this year! Do you fancy drawing trees?

Have fun!

Happpy 2015!!!!!                                                           

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  1. Happy New Year Julia!!
    and all the best for this 2015 :-)
    I do love your tree and your collection in casetify, I hope you can sell lots of them, these are precious!
    As I said, all the best xxx