My blue flowers illustration. Surface pattern designer.

      Hello! So pleased you visit me!Thanks so much

I should have written this post sooner, but today I am a little tired. I celebrated my birthday yesterday with my family and went bed late. It was a great day sharing a delicious chocolate cake!I received some nice gifts too!Great also the amount of happies birthdays I received by facebook friends! 

Now, that I have finished some iphone cases designs, I have found the time to relax myself.

On Wednesday I took again my watercolours painting old box and black ink markers and decided to make a new illustration. Lately I feel that drawing by hand it is very relaxing and pleasant.

I didn´t want to draw a very well defined ink drawing, being patient and careful, having drawn the shapes with pencil before. I wanted to draw directly with my ink marker on paper, drawing shapes without knowing how they would look ,instinctively, as it is much funnier. Of course it is much risky as you can make lots of mistakes, but I didn´t feel like drawing with a pencil first.It is boring for me!

I usually like to use lots of colours in my designs, but this time I wanted only to use blue tones!

Drawing directly on paper it makes me remember about all my school texts books which were full of doodles, mainly flowers and faces! I always made them with a blue pen, so I could not erased them. Therefore, my teachers gave to me lots of warnings about it!! But I kept doing it all my school term time! I felt a strong need to draw all the time, just like now!

My "blue illustration" aplied to some products, selling at,         

I usually work with vectors, but I am lately playing with photoshop filters and image adjustments transforming my designs, and it is amazing, and great fun for me. Practicing and experimenting is the best way to learn!

I hope you like this naive and messy drawing! have a great weekend! 

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