Iphone cases designs! surface design.

              Hello! glad you visit me!Thanks so much 

Lately, I have spent some days only designing iphone cases! I have found it is really funny. I have spent years only designing vector patterns with a repeat, and designing iphone cases allows me to have more freedom as I can use only prints. I only have to fill a small template about 1200x2000 pixels. 

Thanks to this kind of small designs I have started to use some photoshop filters I had never used, to experiment with photos and learn more.

In fact I am going to start to make photoshop patterns now, as I have spent to many years designing vector ones.

Of course I have also designed some exclusive patterns these last days, but I can´t show them as some of them are for a Chinese brand to use on some home products and others ones are for submitting to new brands!

I think that my first vector pattern I  made, it was about 25 years ago, as I started to work for a company making screen printing designs, which it was very limiting to me. I only could use maximum 6 pantone colours, and only to use plain colours.

All these iphone cases designs and many more, are sold here, http://www.casetify.com/juliagrifol/collection  

It is so great designers can design freely patterns and prints with textures, gradients, full of colours, with effects, thanks to the digital printing revolution.

These are some of my last designs as iphone cases! I have made lots of versions of my feather, and my flowers ones! I hope you like them! 

Have a great weekend!

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