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    Hello, so glad you visit me. Lots of thanks

I am sorry not to have written before, as I used to write every Friday. I have been re-furnishing my house and that it made me not to have internet connection for days. I  had also some well deserved Easter holidays with my family, I had to give new artwork to some of my home licensors brands and moreover I was worried about my mother health. Therefore; I was not able to find the right relaxed moment I need to write. All these facts together made me to have a break on my blog posting. 

In these last weeks, I also realised that watercolours prints and patterns are are very trending, they are everywhere, and that I  had hardly developed that artistic technique as I used to design vector motives. So, I felt dishearted about this fact. Oh my God,  watercolours paintings prints? if I had not used them for years and years.
This thought led to me to made research, to attend video courses, read tutorials, ..I  got obsessed in learning and practicing all the time I could. I had great time using brushes and my old 20 years old watercolour painting box, and being out from my screen computer for whiles. I am not a painter, and expert on this wonderful paintings,  so my colourwater motives are simple ones, but I know I will be able to create better prints.

My flowers design "Cherry Blossoms". You can see all a range of printing products here, http://society6.com/product/cherry-blossom-rj6_print#1=45

Thanks to all this devoted time to it, I feel I have opened up a new horizon to me, as I have also started to take botanical photos and manipulated them to get nice prints. 

In these last weeks I have develop a wide iphone case Casetify collection , and I am glad as I know lots of these created hand motives, made with watercolurs or ink are going to be used for making hand paintings patterns now. You can see and purchase my designs here, http://www.casetify.com/setting/earnings/artist

I have a goal, and it is to license and sell my patterns to abroad kids fashion brands. I have not reached it yet, but I think childish hand patterns can help me to fulfill my dream. 
I hope from now on, to write much more often.

How nice, Artscase, one of the brands I am licensind some of my designs to, promoted my work at facebook yesterday with this nice picture! So true sentence! I had all my texbooks at shool so dirty, full of doodles! https://www.artscase.com/artist/Julia-Grifol.html

I hope you can forgive me this late post! Wishing you lots of inspiration !

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