Being featured on art and designing sites.

        Hello, Thanks a lot for visiting me!

Sorry for not having written before, so busy these last weeks. I am going to take my deserved holidays in a week, and I wanted to finish all my tasks I had in hands. 

Lately; I have been featured in two great art and designing sites. It is very rewarding to be featured and to know that they liked your work. Sometimes it has been me who has submitted to sites and others I have been contacted, and as artists, it is a very good and valuable way of promotion. You never know who will see you...

I was featured in the great British blog, design juices,  showing some of my patterns.  

 I have also been featured on the great artistic site  StudioVox,  should-know-40, in this case showing some hand illustrations.

Apart for the joy of being featured, the fact of being contacted for brands for licensing or for commisioned work, it is  another great joy for the designers who sell online. I have received a new deal licensing agreement, and I am excited with it. But it is too early to tell anything else about it. 

The most active you are on the net showing and selling your work, the most known you are going to be and more work contacts you are going to have. That it means working hard. 

I  joined to the great Surface pattern design guild assotiation last month, and very glad with my feature there too.

I really need to be off from the screen and to rest, therefore on 15 th July I will be on holidays on the beach with my family for two, I hope wonderful weeks. 
We will go to a lovely place called Tarifa, in the south of Spain! A famous coastal town for windsurfing!

I hope you have a great summer time. So hot in Spain these days. Beach time! See you soon! 


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