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 Hello!Thanks for visiting me. 

Sorry, as I have had a break writing in my blog, but I was out with my family on holidays in the south of Spain and I have also been very busy creating new artwork. 

I didn´t find the time to dedicate time to this my creative space, but I have come back, as I missed it !

I had a wonderful holidays on the beach, for me it is the best place to relax and enjoy.

                                                                             Tarifa beach in Cadiz 

My family had a small house facing the beach where I spent the three months holidays term when I was a child, and since then, I loved to spend all my free days or time on the coast. I am afraid I am not a country girl at all! I feel so mediterranean, as in fact I live in Valencia, a city on the east coast of Spain. 

Anyway, of course, when I was twenty I was a bouncy and bohemian young who travelled to lots of European countries, and even lived for a year in England and some months in Ireland, or visited wonderful countries like Mexico, but all those trips were made before I was a twin mum. The arrival of my twins in my thirties changed my life forever. 

I recommend you the south of Spain, as the beaches and the weather are amazing! But I also love famous islands like Ibiza or Mallorca.
I have recharged my batteries!

Oh, this is a work blog, so I think I will tell you my last news. I am glad as one of my licensors I work with, kessinhouse, it has created more new kind of products with my designs. This time, notebooks. 
I love how my designs look printed on them. I have picked some of them, floral and geometric patterns to show you. 


Apart from a wide home range of products, now they are selling watches, leggings, aprons, yoga mats and tote bags too!

At the momment, I am creating new patterns, exclusive ones as I hope to make new deals soon. 
I hope to find inspiration and concentration I need as the weather is so hot in here! Have a great week!

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