Back to work. Pattern designer.

      Hello, thanks for visiting to me.


I have had another short wonderful holidays for a week with my family at the beginning of this month, but I have come back to hard work again. 

I have been working lately in making new patterns. I have also opened some new shops at Pod sites, as it is a very good way of being known and sell. I have enjoyed myself and taking it as a challenge entering to new designs contest too, at sites as Minted or Jovoto. I have also been in talks to license my designs  with another iphone cases brand too. Crossing fingers! 

                  My turquoise flowers pattern and a black and white colorway

I feel that it is important not to miss any opportunities. When an artist tries to sell her art on the net, lots of factors apart from her good artwork it counts. One of the most important thing is to promote and been promoted your art on social media and have a wide net working relationship. It seems it is important to be seen in every place, therefore; I have started to use Instagram too. This is a non-stop!

Working in my home-studio is great, but I often exceed the daily works hours without realizing it. I was tired, but now after that great break with my children, I have recharged my batteries again. When I try to create a pattern I get so involved in it, that time flies for me!


Anyway, after months of hard work, I have learnt the lesson. I have realised that I have to attach myself to a routine daily timetable in order to find some more free time, and allow me to go to the gym or for an evening walk. . 

New iphone 6s iphone cases at,

 I am showing here, some of of my last work. I hope you like it and to receive  you in my creative space very soon! 

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