New artwork. Surface and textile pattern design.

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I wrote a very long to do list last month as I am used to making it every January. It is the best way to motivate myself, to have goals and dreams to fulfil.

Last year; I had some bad moments due to my  mum´s delicate state of health, and  I was also a little worried as I had to take some echoes and tests. But luckily everything was right for me.  

But these health matterns and other family issues, made me to work harder in order to be busy and not to think too much about it.  

Selling on the net is a very hard work, apart from being productive, you must promote your work and  be quite active in social media platforms. The most followers you have, the most well-known and good seller you become. That it is the way it works, you must create an identity and a reputation. 

An ink hand flower drawing, selling on iphone cases. 

But this year, I have realized I had some stressful days due to my long working days, as it is difficult for me to disconnect when I am  creating an artwork. I feel so exciting to finish it, that I forget the time, and I 
don´t want to leave it for the next day. Designing is a vice for me. I must learn to control that, and to find a balance. I am very grateful that working from my studio home it allows to me to have lots of contact with my sons. 

This year I am going to change lots of the mistakes I made last year. In fact; I have decided to find time to go to the gym. It is necessary to change habits, as I spend lots of hours sitting in front of my computer which it has made me to gain some weight, which I am going to loose before July to come. I am mentally ready for it!

A new leaves design and colorways.

Sure taking exercise and a healthy food is going to make me feel much better. 

Yesterday, I had a wonderful seven kms walk along the beach with my husband and  I'm a bit stiff in the legs today. I am not fit yet! That is something I hope I can repeat next Saturday. 

I have created new work lately for some of the brands I am licensing my work to. My comfort zone is designing botanical patterns such as flowers and leaves.  I am going to try to create other kind of prints these next months. 

                                                                       Fashion dress mock up. 

There are so many things to learn, artistic techniques, effects, tips, that the list is nervetheless.

I hope you like some of my new work! See you soon.  


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