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Welcome to my creative space! Thanks a lot for visiting me. 

I started this 2016 year full of hopes, plans and dreams to fufill. But sometimes one can´t make plans as something you didn´t expect, it appears in your life. You never know what the future is going to bring. 

These last months have been hard to me as my mother had some bad times due to her bad health and bad state of mind. So many mixed feelings, memories of my childish, and worries made me not to feel like  writing in my blog. I was so busy with my work, my teenagers, my home, my promotion in social media that I was not able to find the right moment either. 

I have always felt a  very strong emotional connection with my mother, which it makes me to have her in my thoughts.

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My brother and I had to take the hard decision of entering her in an private old people´s home two months ago, as it was not possible for us to give her the daily cares she needs. 

It has been the best thing we could make for her, as she has started to go out a little from the dark world she was immersed. Depression is one of the bad illnesses one can deal with, as I read in a book about psycology ,discipline and timetables are very needed in those cases. 
I feel so relieved now knowing she is in good hands. Sorry about writing about  some of my personal issues, as you know I used to write mainly about my work and others artists.

I have worked very hard as it was the best way for me to escape from the pity I felt. 
As watercolours pantings are so trendy now, I realised that my portfolio was full of digital, and vector, and ink patterns and prints, but I didn´t have watercolours paintings. 

It was like a challenge for me, and taking a brush it has made me feel very relaxed and enjoyed it very much. Really very recommended.

Surprisingly, I have painted using lots of pink tones lately, painting lots of dancing flowers, creating sweet, and romantic prints.

I have applied these prints to Casetify iphone cases, and I am happy with the results. 
So my next step is going to be, to create watercolours patterns!.

I hope we can meet here soon! I hope you feel very motivated, and inspired! 

Creating is such a good therapy when you are free to create what you like

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