My summer iphone cases designs


Hello, thanks a lot for visiting me

Sorry for not having written in some weeks!It is so hot in Valencia. I have my air-conditioning on all day. It is imposible to work without it for me. 

I had come back from my holidays! I had a wonderful time on a rented house on the beach with my family. I needed to rest, to have a break and to be out from my computer!

I have recharged my batteries and I have written a new to do list, in order not to forget any of my future plans.

These last weeks I have  worked with my watercolour paintings old box, trying to make more artistic artworks, and new designs to offer to my licensee brands.

I signed a new licencing agreement with a new iphonecases brand in June and some of my designs are now on sale here,

I am glad as this new brand chosed some of my handrawn designs to sell them printed on their nice iphone cases. Hope you like them. 

Have a great time! see you soon!                             


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