Redbubble is a POD

Hello! So glad you visit me! thanks a lot


I decided to open at Redbubble shop some months ago. Redbubble is a web where artists can open a shop and sell their creations on its nice products. 

One of my best facebook friends adviced to me that it would be a good place to show and sell my artwork.

 I love some of its mockups, moreover the pillows ones. I can´t devote it the time I should to, but I think the more shops you have,  the best it is to build a good reputation on the internet.

In fact; it is not so easy to be known as we are lots of great artists trying to sell and stand out! 
Redbubble says at its web “Today, we connect over 400k artists and designers across the planet. It seems too many to me!  I have also connected with some great artists there and I have had some great chat sharing experiences with some admired artist in my free time. 

I have done some few sales till far, but step by step, sure I will make more. So, nothing to loose!
Here I am showing some of my new designs. 


My design "black roses" sold as pillow covers. Link to it,

Here, two other grey and black and white designs for pillow

I hope you like them! 
This evening I will paint with watercolours paintings and I hope to upload new colourful work to my Pods shops! See you! 


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